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Dedicated RAM

Blade Servers

Dedicated RAM, hard disks , CPU and your own dedicated 100Mbps network connection at an incredible price. All Hybrid Servers feature hardware mirroring as an extra safeguard for your server's data. Daily Backups of your servers image. Root access gives you full control of your Hybrid Server, allowing you to install anything you want. High-end Dell servers fitted with Intel processors ensure excellent performance all the time.


Hybrid Servers 
Take advantage of dedicated resources and the latest virtualization technology
BLADE Each Hybrid consists of a single BLADE server with CPU, SSD, DATAPORT  & RAM.
BLADE They connect to the RAID drive system using a GIG-E fiber connection.  The RAID assures redundancy and failover
ability for the drives.  Most server issues are caused by drive failure.
BLADE With a dedicated CPU, and DATA PORT you are assured that your traffic and your data are not being affected by the other possible  bandwidth hogs on the network.  You are DEDICATED
BLADE Reboot whenever you want to.  Load whatever application you need.  With a few exceptions.
 (We don't allow BITCOIN MINING or  any application related to sending UCE/SPAM)

1 CPU    2 CPU 
160 Gig RAID Storage   300 Gig RAID Storage 
100 Mbps Data PORT  100 Mbps Data PORT 
1 Terabyte Traffic  1 Terabyte Traffic 
$ 315 Monthly   $399 Monthly 

Call for orders and details
Setup can be completed in 20 minutes


(859) 623-1500